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The Camera of Realme 3 Pro smart phone

If you want to know about Realme 3 Pro device then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about the camera of Realme 3 Pro.Click here to buy realme 3 pro.

The camera specs

With its 13 MP front and back camera resolution, the Realme Pro 3 is surprisingly good for such a cheap smartphone. Despite a high ISO sensitivity – of 7500 on average, it manages to capture a very large number of details! The level of detail is therefore very good, and the speed of the triggering is also an asset! Its 16-megapixel rear sensor as well as its two zooms of 5 megapixels each increase the value of this product, not to mention the front sensor of 25 megapixels. The front sensor, therefore a selfie sensor, has an opening of f / 2.4, against f / 1.7 for the rear sensors.Visit this site to buy realme 3 pro.

Photo quality

As for the photographic quality, let’s say that the photos are good without being exceptional. However, it should be kept in mind that this is a cheap smartphone and therefore in this sense we cannot expect more. The photos are of good quality and the light is also good, and there are many details in the foreground.


The two zooms allow you to zoom in X3 or even X4 without this affecting the sharpness of the photo too much. Although it does not offer any night mode, the Realme Pro 3 always manages to capture as much light as possible depending on your positioning and the circumstances of the shot.